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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The gods Must Be Crazy

I can't say that I've had much luck in finding a good job lately. Many jobs these days, especially those that are advertised on the Internet (which is most of them), could only be found through these temporary job agencies that offer only temporary positions. There's no health care nor any real security in these kind of jobs (as if anyone is really secure on this planet). However, during the second week of August, I was hired by a temp agency to fix copier machines for a major corporation.

During my two week technical training all they did was throw a laptop computer at me, a blackberry computer, some tools, and basically told me to figure it all out myself. The training was terrible. The technical training was very high pressure and the instructor taught very little. The instructor spent most of his time sitting behind his desk, watching us sweat, while we were trying to learn how to take apart and repair the machines from the hard to read grainy pictures and directions that were given on the laptop computer. There was one guy there who seemed to be quite mechanically gifted. He cruised right through the course. But I'm a little slower, and I needed to have the serenity of a Franciscan monk to keep from being overly stressed during the training. Needless to say I couldn't cruise through the course.

It was quite an ordeal. I was quite stressed during those two weeks. It seemed all like some big game. Whether the instructor was aware of it or not he was pitting the faster students in the class with the slower students and he would sit there behind his desk watching the resultant stress that developed from the 'contest' between them. Although the instructor was a nice guy he was unaware that the training was more geared to stressing the students than actually teaching them. During the training I was thinking, "They don't really want me to learn. What they want is for me to be stressed." It was like a competitive soccer or baseball game.

Years ago it wasn't like this. When they trained you for a job they took their time
and had much more patience. But these days it's different. You could be hired for a job based on your qualifications (after passing the drug test, background check, and entrance examination test) and then you could be fired during the training class if the instructor feels that you don't cut the mustard, or perhaps, if he didn't like the pimple on your nose.

Well, I quit that job and have recently got a job that's more simple. That job repairing Xerox machines had me working in the big city, in very heavy traffic, with my own car. Finding parking spaces in the city and driving in the big traffic jams was a nightmare. When I went for a service call I had limited time at the parking meters (assuming I could find a parking space) and sometimes I had to walk several blocks carrying a heavy tool kit to get to the buildings where the machines were located. Some buildings were over 20 stories high! Then I had to go up and fix the machine, while the parking meter was ticking away. I got alot of tickets. Lovely Rita, the meter maid, was not so lovely to me!

The stress of the job was just too much since I had to spend hours of my own time after work ordering parts as well as other things. So I recently quit that job and now I found a job working third shift doing warehouse work for Home Depot. Well, this job ain't my cup of tea either! During third shift the warehouse doors close and the workers can't really go out until the shift ends. They say it's to keep people from wandering in from the outside. But I get the feeling that its to keep us all locked in! Not only that, when they close the doors it gets real hot and dusty in there.

In today's work environment you are often compared with everyone else, even in the simplest jobs, and it seems to me that only the strong are wanted and the weak discarded. It's very similar to a livestock breeding farm where parents with desirable traits are bred to produce only improved progeny. Maybe it was always that way in the higher paying jobs such as in high finance, politics, etc., but today this attitude is moving down the pyramid structure even into the simplest of jobs. It's high pressure all the way down.

It's like America is becoming a big coliseum and the fans in the stands are the wealthy who care not a wit for the Spartans fighting in the arena, apart from the entertainment that they get from all the bloodletting and pain.

Sometimes I get the feeling that that we are all in some kind of big picture show and we are the entertainment for some unseen director or artist who writes the scripts and gets a kick out of watching his drama unfold. Or perhaps, this unseen director might be in the mood to direct a comedy and I can picture him sitting back howling with laughter at the puppet show before him. Life and art seemed to have gone topsy turvy. Now life seems to be imitating the artist rather then the artist imitating life. Very odd indeed.

America is obsessed with games and sports, more so now then it has ever been, and everything is becoming a contest. In fact, it's no longer becoming that way, it IS that way, and so it is in the workplace. The weak fail and are discarded. The strong survive. Its always been this way to greater and lesser degrees (dog eat dog and all that), but now this mentality is becoming the ONLY mentality. Many play it, oh so well. This game mentality is defining what America is. America is not the land of the free.

America is, in essence, the land of the big game.

This game mentality within the corporate structure will become quite brutal in the future when this mindset moves from the corporate world into the world of the streets. Just as a person could be instantly fired from a job in today's corporate world a person will very likely be instantly shot in the street in the future when "clampdown" occurs after martial law is declared by the Bush Regime.

Trying to survive in the US is getting to be a very trying experience. With a (manufactured) "gas crises" looming over our heads like the sword of Damocles and with the recent world class catastrophic events such as the Katrina, Rita and now the earthquake in India, we can see that many of the events that the world is experiencing are connected in some incomprehensible way. Everything is connected. The world is like a see saw. It seems the worlds are connected now, more then ever, both horizontally and vertically. What effects someone or something on one end of the world, as well as in the greater universe, could now reflect itself on the other end in almost no time at all.

The veils are thinning and it seems that higher communications are more possible now then has ever been before. The psychological and physical worlds seem to be having closer communications and connections with each other, or so it seems to me. These connections and communications between these two worlds seem to me to be rotating out of the stream of causality into the direction of the non-casual realms.

It seems that the connections are becoming stronger between the inner and outer worlds and the lower is becoming more like the all its aspects. The universal geometry is shifting in some way (or so it seems to me) and the sounds or "events" in the higher worlds are, seemingly, shapeing the patterns in the lower worlds just as a violin string that is strung could cause mathematical geometric pattern formations in grains of sand.

Life indeed seems to now be imitating art rather then art imitating life. As I said, things seem to be going topsy turvy.

It could be good or bad I think. But be very carfeul of what you think.

Monsters of the id could now become real monsters.

The way of spiritual purification is more essential now then ever.

But, of course, there are those forces, these time traveling magicians, who will seek to obfuscate the natural communications that are developing within this changing universal geometric framework with lies and deception. See my post on "The Most Dangerous Idea In the World."

Times are getting to be very tough which make it very difficult for anyone to notice these changes. People are too stressed. Jobs can no longer promise those
things that promise the American dream. Prices are continuing to rise while hourly wages are continuing to fall, many companies are finding creative ways to avoid paying healthcare by hiring temporary or part time workers. Outsourced jobs, corporate greed, higher prices, longer work hours with less pay, more time spent commuting and less overall free time, all contribute to a degradation of the quality of life that makes the American dream an imaginary ideal that can exist only in fairy tales. People are becoming increasingly exhausted by the constant pressures exerted upon them from the demands of 'simple' everyday life.

On top of that the bankruptcy laws have now been modified to make it even more difficult for the average hard working American to get out of debt.

Years ago getting into debt was a choice. At that time if you wanted those things that we are all brainwashed to want by the media to make us "happy" (bigger cars, homes, entertainment, more vacations, etc.) then we used our credit to get them. But we could survive without those things.

But then the bait of easy credit was dangled before us. Then we chose to go into debt so we could have those things that we were told we wanted rather then what we really needed. Then it no longer became a choice. Now, it seems, that people must go into debt just to survive to get what they need. Credit and credit cards, which first started out as a choice to have something that we simply wanted has now ended into becoming something that we need in order to just survive. We took the bait and got hooked and now the whole economy is blown up on the empty bubble of credit...with our vital needs...and not our wants ... hanging in the balance.

The credit card carrot was dangled before us and we jumped in. The creditors said, Look everyone! With credit you can have all this...and this... and this! And the collective mind jumped in with both feet. And now we are trapped. Yet, it was our collective choice to have those things that the greedy technological "gods" made for us. And now the whole of America is in a prison of it's own making. We just had to have it all! The prison gates opened and we walked in on our own free will.

It makes it a lot easier for the prison warden this way, does it not? Let the chickens come into the yard on their own. This way they don't have to be chased and they won't fight to escape.

American technology such as TV's, fancy cars, electronic entertainment is like some kind of alien technology from heaven and we are fascinated by it because this high technology is almost "magical" to us and we even feel that we could become like gods by possessing it.

Hmmm...I wonder if the Roswell crash was the real beginning of the end for America?
Maybe on that day it rained "technology from heaven" and the Powers That Be became obsessed with all that magical stuff and the rest is history? Just a thought.

Modern technology changed us when we possessed it. We pay for this magical gift with our very souls. We magically invoke this technology with the witchcraft of our daily rituals based on our greed, our wants and our needs.

With these magical gifts we became more greedy, possessive, jealous, dominant, indifferent to the feelings of others, and with that we developed feelings of superiority over the Earth and everything in it. And man's attitude to his Earth is the same attitude he will have to his own family, his fellow men, and to the animals and all living things whom he coexists with.

America seeks technological control and dominance over the universe and everything in it so we could become gods ourselves. America seeks a "god like" immortality by absorbing the mortality of other people, of other nations, and of other living things into it's ever growing technological machine so as to give this machine eternal life. The souls of mankind feed the life of this Great Machine and give it sentience.

I was recently talking with someone about the manufactured oil crises and I mentioned to him that all those guys in those SUV's are certainly in for a difficult time. I mentioned how odd it was that many of these guys who drove these trucks
never seemed to have anything in the back of the truck. Many weren't carrying things like lumber, furniture, or anything that would make those big trucks a functional necessity. I found that fact to be personally irritating and mentioned it to him. He answered with a simple statement. He said that the reason we Americans love these big trucks and everything else that goes along with them is because we think we, as Americans, deserve it.

For me, an enlightened guru on a mountaintop in the Himalayas couldn't have said it better. Never underestimate the simple wisdom from the average practicle man.

Indeed, in our vain arrogance we Americans think we deserve it all.

But what are Americans really getting from all this vain arrogance?

Americans are getting trapped into a system that has gone out of control. They feel helpless, exhausted, frustrated and they fear for a future that seems predetermined in its outcome which will make things even worse then things are right now.

Life keeps us constantly engaged. Because of it's ever increasing pressures, a person spends most of their available time finding ways just to survive. People have little time for themselves to figure a way out of all these pressures. They lose hope, and loss of hope breeds fear, and fear is a tool that can and will be used against them.

And it is fear that places our collective consciousness into a region of the objective universe where the past is fixed and the future predetermined to an outcome that traps us in a causal time loop that will keep us from ever becoming truly free.

We live and think automatically. Our thoughts are the thoughts of the Great Machine
we live in. No change is possible if we do not first change our way of thinking.
Our thoughts are controlled by our reaction machine and our reaction machine lives by 'yes' or 'no'. Everything we do, all the forces that we generate, both individually and/or collectively cancel themselve out into some great neutrality
like the way the electrostatic forces cancel themselves out in an electrically neutral object that has no charge. We lose our potential to think outside of this causal timeloop that we have created for ourselves.

No change is possible when everything we do cancels itself out due to our inability to see objective reality and then do something about it. The future becomes the same as the past and the past and future really are the same thing and what we see as change is really just a repetition of previous behavior that we mistake for movement
in a given direction.

We are prisoners of time. Time is the real enemy because the basis of our illusions
about the world and ourselves is predicated on the assumption that time really changes anything or anybody by itself.

We think that repetitive time can change us. But time does not move, but rather it is our consciousness that moves through the restraints imposed upon it by time.
If our consciousness and understanding of the world does not change then nothing will change. Our sufferings, our joys, our sorrows, will just repeat along with everything else. The sufferings imposed by earthquakes, tidal waves, comets will change nothing. As long as man clings to his repetitive thinking processes then nothing will change for him and he will never be free of the prison of time that limits his conscious awareness.

True freedom can only come by thinking in new ways that go contrary to the entropic forces imposed on us by thermodynamic laws. Our new ways of thinking can only come from the future and not by a repetition of the past. It is only from our inner connections to our own creative future that the outer entropic forces of the present moment could be overcome and set us on a new course to "America the free."

But I get discouraged because the whole world seems to me to be so profoundly asleep. Just look at the people around you.

We feel trapped and we look for ways to be free. We seek freedom in sports, in the movies, with the radio and television, and in the churches. But these ways to be free are just dreams of escape. We seek to escape the reality which we have all self-created in the unreality of our own American dreams.

But the joke is on us since it is all a dream. The reality that we have created, and the new reality that we seek to escape into, so as to escape the reality that we have just created, are one and the same.

It is all a dream and we are trapped in a dream dreaming that we are free.

And it is fear that keeps us asleep in our dream worlds. And it is Powers That Be who will use this fear against us to serve their own agenda to control and dominate the material world while giving cheap lip service to the spiritual world that is a product of their own imaginations.

There are those religious fundamentalists, like Bush, who will use this fear to say that the end of the world is at hand, like the drunken street person who stands on the street corner with a sign that says that the world will end tomorrow. They will use the line that the bible's prophecies are coming to fruition while at the same time using the collective fear of the mass consciousness to fulfill them.

They might say that that New Orleans, that 'evil' city with the 'house of the rising sun,' is being punished for it's evil heathen ways. and that New Orleans deserves to suffer because it is a bad city and that it needs to be punished even though, as good Christians, they love the sinners in the city but not the sin. They will say that if the sinners should die then it is god's will and it does not concern them.

But the Creator does not punish. The Creator simply sets laws that govern the universal order. There is no punishment, there is simply law. Man becomes his own punishment by not accepting the universe as it is lawfully designed.

Man wishers to create his own universe and subvert the laws of the existing one to suit his egotistical purposes because he thinks he is god.

So he disturbs the elemental forces with his obsession to control and dominate the universe. He goes contrary to the simple laws of the universal order.

In the end man punishes and judges himself.

Gurdjieff said that if you even hurt a worm, then one day you will pay.

But man doesn't pay because the universe is run by a punishing god seeking vengence. It is run by laws. Man will be hurt if he hurts others because of natural law. He hurts himself with the imbalence he creates.

The Christian fundamentalists will commit murder by sending our troops to Iraq and say that it is god who is really doing the killing. Then when we clean up all the dead bodies from all this murdering it will be the same people who say it is them, and not god, who is doing the rebuilding. Now they are just doing god's work.

Look at Bushs response to the New Orleans disaster. It glaringly showed his indifference and apathy, especially to the minority community, while he fiddled as New Orleans drowned.

I wonder if he and our government considers all of those people who are not rich as minorities?

Now that's a scary thought.

Now, what was really Bush and our government saying with the pitiful response to the New Orleans crisis? The Neocons justify Bush's inaction by saying that the local government of New Orleans should have taken more action. But what does this really tell us? What is the unseen message here?

Well, what Bush's message was telling me was that when times get tough then America and its cities are on their own.

That's what Bush's response to the Katrina crises told me.

We are on our own.

That is, we are on our own until the mass chaos settles down. Then, after god kills all his own, the good fundamentalist christians will come in and pick up the pieces and do god's work after all the dead bodies have been cleared out.

If you ask me, many in America, especially those who call themselves "christian" have a built in rage which is what is really driving them. God is not even there. What stands between these so called christians and the real truth is this rage within themselves which they cannot see.

This rage blinds them. What stands between them and the real objective truth about the world outside them is this truth about themselves within them. This rage is what really drives the big machine that we call America. This rage in not the rage of an angry man, or of an angry mother who loves her child, who might yell or scream from frustration. No, it goes much deeper then that.

This rage in the average American is an inbred hostility, always simmering, festering, and scalding hot, that lies buried beneath the calm outer surface, hidden and unrecognized, just waiting to erupt. It is the rage of his self love, his egotism. It's a rage bred from the frustration of his not being able to control and mold the world to his way of thinking or liking, and it's a rage rekindled every time he places judgments on other people and other nations concerning his subjective beliefs on what is right and what is wrong, and then proclaims in his vain pomposity "I have acted rightly and everyone else has acted wrongly"

American self love cannot see the true reality of things, it could only see its own self serving wants and needs. The inner rage generated from the frustration of not being able to control himself or the world about him, this inner rage of not getting what he thinks he deserves, is the true inner reality of the American dream.

Rage is the real American dream and it is this that many Americans wish to make a reality. In his spots and games the American fulfills his real American dream.

This inner rage is the cry of the inner demon within the American psyche that listens only to itself, only serves itself, and only listens to its own inner rumblings and vain dreams from within, ignoring all from without.

That's the real America. What drives real America is rage and fear and it is these emotions which blinds America to the true reality of things and it is these emotions which are being used against them.

Those who speak of doomsday prophecies are working the fear factor so as to keep us trapped in some kind of a causal time loop. By design or by stupidity, such people give us false fear and take away our hope. Like in the story of Donnie Darko, where a giant reptilian rabbit named Frank told Donnie from outside his bedroom window that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds, Bush and the fundamentalist Christian soothsayers are no doubt, listening to this same big bunny rabbit, waiting for the world to end tomorrow by pre-determining and self-furfilling the Bible and the end of the world prophesies using fundamentalist Christian preaching and Nazi like draconian controls along with staged catastrophes like 911 and possibly, just possibly, even modifying existing natural catastrophes to their own ends with an advanced technology that was paid for by those poor unfortunate Americans who are struggling daily to keep afloat in the economic swamp we call the US economy.

But then again, perhaps the Powers That Be WANT us to think that they are in complete control of everything, including having complete control of the weather, to deflect our attention from something else that might explain what is really going on in the universe at the present time and may be a major factor in these earth changes that we see before us today?

You may want to read THE WAVE and THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE WORLD by QFG publishing to see how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

Possibly all this fear mongering and end of the world prophecies is really only a smoke screen, like the OJ Simpson trial, to cover up something concerning what may REALLY happen in the not to distant future.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

Maybe the Powers That Be are aware of repeating cyclic catastrophes that do indeed cycle throughout history but they hide this knowledge by suppressing this information and then manipulate our collective fears relating to the Biblical prophecies with false information so that they can use this fear to further control and entrap us?

You may want to read
Will The World End On Thursday by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

She has much to say about this.

There IS hope of escape from this subjective quagmire that we find ourselves in. The only escape is by seeking objectivity, both outwardly concerning the external world and inwardly concerning the higher worlds of objective values that our inner consciences connect us to.

The world of objective science married to the world of objective values is the true hope that can set our consciousness free from the prison of time that traps our awareness and limits it. If our greater awareness is not utilized, then this excess awareness will simply feed something else that has enslaved man for millennia.

Our potential awareness feeds the actual awareness of some unseen predator, that comes from the very depths of the cosmos.

Escaping from this is the Great Work, represented in the Greek myths and in the Grail mythos relating to the quest for the Holy Grail and the legends of King Arthur and the Knights Of The Round Table, all referring to or alluding to, a long forgotten ancient knowledge and ancient peoples long forgotten who might have had existed during a time when the very nature of physical reality may have been different and possibly, we are presently going through another cyclic reality paradyne change, that cycles according to natural law and may very well be marked by natural cataclysms that we are presently experiencing in our present times.

The ways of escape can be found in the works of Fulcanelli, of Gurdjieff, and others relating to the great work of the Alchemist and those ideas relating to transformation and Ascension that are all rooted in this quest for Objective Knowledge.

There is hope and there is the hope that freedom is possible, a freedom that is rooted in objective knowledge.

You may want to read:
The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man


The True Identity of Fulcanelli and The Da Vinci Code

Laura Knight gives REAL hope in her works. She might give fear, but it is a necessary fear based on careful assessment of historical and present day facts, but most important of all, she gives real HOPE, which puts her works in a class by itself, unlike those who run away from objective reality because they cannot bear the light and heat.

Rudolph Steiner said that there is one thing in us that enters into the life of the hereafter. I understood him to say that what enters into these higher worlds are patterns of significance, something that is qualitative and subtle, and these patterns are unseen in spatio-temporal terms. These patterns of significance are based on relationships that connect us to the Earth, to the the people around us, and to the greater universe at large. But these relationships are not necessarily connections in time, they can also be connections to the future...a future reality that has not yet been lived.

Our only hope is connecting to our creative future which can introduce a new ordering element into the present moment of our immediate experience, and it is only this power that can overcome the ever increasing entropic disordering influences of time. Such inner connections can free us from the control matrix and give us hope of living a life 'not yet lived' and creating a new reality and a new world rather then repeating endlessly a life that has already been lived which will repeat itself forever and forever...until forever ends.


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